Understanding User Flow

What is User Flow?

User Flow is a step to be taken by the user to access a Web or application, such as what the user must do to buy a book at bookdepository or to search for a song in the Spotify app.

Nutshell... User flow is a step step to be done by the user in working on a task

From the first example, we can conclude that the designer of Bookdepository divides the book buying process into 6 steps.

When creating a user flow, we as a designer are actually thinking about how to guide the user in using the solutions we design.

Tips in user flow creation

1. Competitive Analysis

If you are designing a user flow for purchasing a book on a website, then you can look at similar websites and try the user flow of their book purchases.

Note What makes the user flow of the website convenient, and whether it can be applied to the user flow you are designing?

2. Long user Flow vs short User Flow

When starting user flow creation do not focus on creating a short user flow. But focus on how you guide your users in using the solutions you design.

The long user flow but every step of the way takes only a few seconds will be much better than a short user flow but each step takes a very long time.

Examples are as below

The left Design is short, only 1 step. But to finish it takes a long time.

The right Design, consists of 3 steps, but each step takes only a few seconds to complete.

Hopefully useful:)

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