Getting Started into UI Designer — Part 2, includes reasons

In the previous article I discussed some initial steps into UI Designer, and this article is a continuation.

Okay.... So we start where? Oh yes, User...

When designing a UI, think about how later the user wears it. To practice that, feel the design with a reason.

What does that mean? The Design you make, the component you create, should have a strong reason why it is placed like that or shaped like that.

First example

Why is the menu below?
Because this app has 3 main menus. And in the use of this app, users tend to move from menu one to the other main menu in a relatively short time interval. Therefore, to facilitate the user, the 3 main menus are placed below and the rest are placed in the more menu located on the rightmost side.

Why is there a thick writing and some are not thick?
This is the Inbox menu, bold text as unread markers. And not as thick as markers have never been read. Making it easier for users to differentiate.

Have you got the points?, whichever element you create, you should have a pretty strong reason why it should be there or shaped like that. And that reason must be a party to the user.

Second Example

There are two input dates, but why different huh?. In both choose the date.
Just imagine if you're a user. To fill the date of birth, it is easier to use the top or bottom filling format?. Of course, it is easier to use the format. Because, you remember your birth date. And it will quickly fill the day, month and year.

But, just imagine if using the bottom fill format, how many times you have to click the Back button to get to the month of March 1980.

Then to input the payment date, why should the filling format be like that?
This is the payment confirmation form, once the user has made the payment, usually the user will immediately confirm the payment.

Just imagine, if the user had to fill in a filling format like date of birth. Quite troublesome user, because he should remember today what date.

But with the fill format as in design, when the user selects the date, it will open the calendar of this month, with the day's date marked blue. So the user easily selects the date of payment.

The key is, when you create a design, position yourself as the user. And imagine, how the moment you wear it.

Third example

Why is the menu on the left and down? Is it because of this dashboard that its trend always put the menu on the left?.
Hehhee... Not. There is a separate reason why the menu is on the left. Not because of trends.

Put the menu on the left and vertical down, the consideration is the scalability. Before designing this design, we analyze that in the future, menu menus in this dashboard will increase and the first can be quite a lot.

If we make the design of the menu horizontally, then if the menus are very much, there will be problems in the layout. Sure you don't want to see the 2 line menu located at the top.

Therefore, we decided to make its menu design vertically downward. So, if there is a menu added, there will be no problems in its layout.

So start practicing to always include reasons in every UI design you create:)

Article about getting started into UI Designer, Finished here:)

Does that mean enough to be a UI Designer? Certainly not. There are still many other things needed to be a good UI Designer.

Among them, Project design first, working with stakeholders, courage to ask, analyse problems, how to ask the right questions, willingness to listen, collaborate with fellow designers, face conflicts during the process of making products, and many other things.

InsyaAllah, things above I will write in the next article

And, always remember... As bad as your current design. If you have a passion for making products that make life easier for many people. Then you are a Designer!

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