Getting Started into UI Designer — Part 1, creating the UI

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Lately you will often hear the term UI Designer. Yes... UI Designer is short for User Interface Designer.

What is the process?, creating interfaces for digital products (Website, app, smartwatch, smart TV, etc.)

Become a UI Designer

As the name, (UI) User Interface. Then there are 2 things to be aware of by a designer when creating the UI, namely User and Interface. Following table

 User Interface
 Simple to use
 Easy to understand
 not to make confused Cool
 all clear, which can be intercepsed or can not Not boring

To generate a good UI (User Interface), you should pay attention to 2 things above.

User word is placed in front of the word Interface, because the good UI always pay attention and prioritize the User.

A good UI will help the user. And, a good UI will make users comfortable using it.

That's all you have to hold, if you want to be a UI Designer. Yes, you should always prioritize your users. :)

Getting Started into UI Designer

But, to start being a UI Designer you can skip the User section and focus on its Interface first.


Looks like a snare in a not good direction?, hmmm... Maybe :D

Here's how... In UI creation, you do have to think about the user. How later the user wears it. For example: a button.

When designing a button, you should consider "does the user know if it's a button that can be click?".

But, the thing that is not less important is... You should know how to form that button.

Therefore, at the beginning I invite you to focus on the Interface in advance in order to be familiar with the UI forms.

Step 1 — Let's create the UI

Are you familiar with Photoshop?, GIMP? or other similar software?. If not, then you should start learning to use the software:)

The first step to becoming a UI Designer is trying to create the UI.

No need to be confused about where to start or how to design. You simply choose the design-design interface that is on the Internet. Choose the one you like and then trace it, make it as smooth as possible.

You can browse on sites like dribbble, Behance or Kreavi. Lots of UI designs there.

Why plagiarize the design?

It is to make you familiar with the UI. How to form buttons, text size, distance between lines of sentences, distance of each element.


Once, the first time I created the UI for the mobile app. I thought the text size for the mobile app was the same as with the website. After the design so and I tried the design on the smartphone, the result are not proportion and unreadable:D

So, the more often you plagiarize a design, then you will be more familiar with the size of each UI element.

But remember, tracing plagiarized is only for the sake of learning:), NOT to be uploaded in social media or portfolio sites.

BTW, here's the article to help you in creating UI Design for the first time


Step 2 — Create your own UI

If you've plagiarized the UI many times, then you're used to creating buttons, getting used to making dropdowns, text inputs, and other UI elements.

Now, it's your time to create your own UI.

It's easy, first, define the platform in advance. You want to make what? Design for mobile app (Android/iOS), design for web, or even design for smartwatch app?.

After that, specify the theme of the design. You want to create a view for health applications? Tech Article website? or display for the food ordering app?.

Once the platform and theme are selected, it's time to browse again the design you like best. But this time, look for a design that fits the platform and theme that you chose earlier.

Then choose the 2 designs you like the most, and try to create something new from the combination of two design results.

An example like this:


The more you practice, the more types of UI you know.

The more you practice, the more types of layouts you know.

If you're analogous to learning English, the more often you read English-language books, the more vocabulary you know.

So if you want to be a powerful UI Designer, the key is just keep practicing:)

BTW, here are the articles that might be able to help you that will make the exploration UI Design


Step 3 — Ask for Feedback

Now that you've created your own UI, it's time to ask for feedback. You can ask for feedback from your fellow designer friends.

This Feedback is very important in the learning process. Because by receiving feedback, you come to know which part of your design needs to be improved.


You have practiced plagiarized design and also practice combining design. But remember, these two things are the points of the Interface.

To be a good UI Designer, the design you make should consider how User wears it.

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